Scatterbrained and happy


Scatterbrained and happy.  What a wonderful place to be.  In a time filled to the brim with chaotic liquidity of concepts, where absolutes idealism is considered archaic, we all, stupified with the whirl of life reach for a happy place. The young are inheriting uncertainty and alas, we who should be in the stage of passing our knowledge to the next generation are foundering and bewildered at what our world has become. This hypothesis propels me on the journey of discovery. 

Is it possible to find nuggets of happiness in the pilgrimage of life? I have concluded that there is yet a place of intrigue, curiosity and discovery. For me, it comes in the form of learning. I find nothing more fulfilling than to learn of a breakthrough in technology that makes my life easier or to be piqued in interest over a self-improvement plan or form of personal challenge. The most satisfying of all though is to realize I have not lived my life in vanity. There are still absolutes. One plus one is still 2. The earth still orbits the sun and there are immutable truths that have not changed regardless of where the imaginations of man may try to take us. If you feel a kindred spirit I invite you to join me as I seek out a happy place, a moment to rejoice in this amazing and complex journey of life.

I won't limit this blog to a single genre.  As the blog progresses I am sure ideas and destination will begin to polarize. I'd like to think it will evolve into a concrete foundation, a platform of truth and a jewel when observed, will shine with the brilliance of all its facets. I expect to share introspect, humor, hope, a smattering of life hacks and possibly a dash of insanity.